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Miss Harden:Harden on noodle
Every day  is a new day of learning, reading and technology. My favorite part of my job is working with my students in the best rooms of the entire school. I mean who doesn't get excited when they see books standing at attention just begging to be checked out and read and then walk into the lab and see all the blue computer monitors just waiting for you to enter your username and password in to get started?
Books and learning have always been a part of my life. I started going to school when I was three years old and well, I guess I haven't stopped yet. As a child my family always had books around and it was assumed that someone would read them. But I still don't have one favorite book. I have many favorites! The Post Office even had a book cart of books for people to read and return. A Book Mobile came to our schools and every school I attended had a library. After college, I started out teaching. One year in Kansas, Oklahoma as a fourth and fifth grade classroom teacher before starting my career as a Title 1 teacher and a Master's Degree in Reading and Library Science. Then four years later, the Library Media Specialist was added to my job description. My last year at that district, I was back in the regular classroom teaching grades 2 and 3. I was in that district for ten years before coming to Warrensburg. Although I've always been at Sterling, to begin with I was a traveling teacher and traveled between SouthEast (the Kindergarten building) and Sterling then later that changed to Martin Warren and Sterling. For the past four years Mrs. Schuler and I worked together in the Sterling Library and Lab; however, we actually started working at Sterling the same year. 

Family is very important to me. As a child, on any given weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house we could have between twenty and sixty family members so there was always someone to see and something to do. Summer was my favorite family times because several of my cousins and I stayed at my Grandparents' house for a treat. We often had watermelon and tomatoes from the garden and if we were really good homemade ice-cream. There had to be enough of us there to take turns sitting on the ice-cream machine and enough willing arms to crank the handle before Grandma made the batter. My Aunt Linda was always daring to walk our legs off by walking up a very long, steep hill. Since she was seven years older than any of my cousins we all took her challenge and nobody dared say they were tired when we returned from the walk and we all kept up with her, even if someone had to carry the younger ones. I still enjoy visiting my family and we still get together as a whole family two or three times a year; although we typically don't take pictures. We are usually too busy talking or keeping up with my Aunt Linda as she still tries to walk off legs; although we all stay clear of that long, steep hill! 

Schulers family
‚ÄčMrs. Schuler: When I was still a teacher at Sterling, I was often teased for my classroom library... I called it the second school library. I couldn't turn away a book for my classroom library. In addition to the books I had started collecting for my classroom as a high school student, I was lucky to inherit a HUGE classroom library. My inherited collection included MANY Mark Twain Nominees and it became my mission to own every nominee... that is a quest I am still after! :) Picking my favorite book is truly a hard task... I think it changes on a regular basis! My favorite classic is Jane Eyre, favorite NEW book Book Scavengers, favorite picture book "Stand Back," said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!", favorite fairy tale Cinderella! I could go on and on! My favorite part of being in the library is suggesting books to the students and hearing their suggestions for me! 
I have been at Sterling since January of 2003. I started during my senior professional development block with a fourth grade class and looped with that group to become their student teacher. I have spent 11 years as a teacher here and the 2018-2019 school year will mark my four year as the Library / Tech Assistant. I have taught all three grade levels at Sterling (3rd, 4th and 5th). When I transitioned to third grade I became a Whole Brain Teacher and continue to use Whole Brain Teaching in the library! 
I am originally from the St. Louis side of the state (GO STL CARDINALS!)! I was raised in Wentzville, MO and attended Wentzville schools from Kindergarten through Senior year! My career dream was to become a teacher for that same school district... however while at college earning my degree (from UCM... go Mules!) I met my husband. He was stationed at Whiteman and we have been blessed to stay in this area! We now have TWO sons (two strong reasons for why I am now in the library)! Logan (lover of all things Lightning McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine) is 3 and attends Ridgeview preschool half days. Jacob will turn 2 in the upcoming school year. He is a fan of playing outside and anything that brother has his hands on!