Media Center Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Computer Lab and Media Center:

Sterling Elementary has a lab of 28 Dell computers adjacent to the Media Center. We have over 17 thousand materials that students and staff can borrow.

Literacy Promotion:

During the month of November, the Library   Media   Center promotes Literature Awareness. Students may bring gently used books to donate for others to enjoy. This is not a contest, and if Sterling cannot use the material, it will be sent to another Library in the school district. Donors are recognized with a bookplate placed on the donated material. Usually, Sterling receives over a hundred donated books each year.


Mark Twain Nominee Readers: Students grades third through fifth, who have read at least four of the Mark Twain Nominee books and have passed an AR quiz over the books by the first week in March may vote for their favorite Mark Twain Nominee book. These students will be recognized for being Mark Twain Nominee Readers.

Show Me Nominee Readers: Third Grade Students listen to the Show Me Nominees during Library class and then get to vote for their favorite one. 

Accelerated Readers : Students may participate in a reading incentive program in which the student selects a book, reads the book and then takes a computerized quiz over the book. The computer assigns the point value to each book and tallies up the students points. Students with at least twenty five points will also be recognized in May. If you have a book and want to know if there is a quiz for it use the website 

Library Policies

*Students may check out two (two) books per visit.

 *Students may borrow up to four (4) books.

*Loan period for books is 8 school days. Materials may be renewed once unless material is on hold for another student. 

*Students may request a book that is checked out by another patron and will be notified when it comes in (check at the desk for reserving materials). This is called placing a book on hold. *The student may then check out the hold, or reserved material. 

*Typically, students could request materials from any of our District's libraries through Sterling LMC. However, we with COVID we aren't utilizing intra-library loan this year.

*All materials that patrons want to borrow should be checked out before they are taken from the Library.

*Students are expected to return materials in a timely manner. Books may be returned to the classroom crate, directly to the Library book drop, or handed to the Library Staff. As an incentive; students who return books on time will receive a smiley face on their card. When they have earned 7 smiles they can get an item out of the "Library Treasure Chest".

*Students can check out until they have met their limit of 4 items. Then they will need to return something in order to check out, again.

*Students should not bring food or beverages into the Library or Computer Lab.

Overdue/Lost Materials Policy: Students are informed of overdue materials during library classes; however, if requested an overdue notice can be printed. The student will be asked to return the overdue item to the library or pay the lost fine for the book, or item.  If the student has paid the cost of the book, or other library item, and it is found and returned in good condition the student will be reimbursed the amount spent on the fine.